Download d3d9.dll and dessa.dll and put them in your GW2 bin64 folder
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What is it?
A tool to help open up all the data about you playing Guild Wars 2, so it can be used to create interesting tools that react to what's actually happening in the game as you play.

Plus, I made it because I wanted the Sightseeing Log from Final Fantasy XIV in Guild Wars 2, as Guild Wars 2 is a super fun game to explore, and this is an excuse to do just that. You can check that bit out here.

  1. Download ArcDps (d3d9.dll) →
  2. Download Dessa (dessa.dll) → - just the top one under assets.
  3. Right click on d3d9.dll and dessa.dll and view properties, and click on "Unblock" for each, and click apply.
  4. Move to your Guild Wars 2 bin64 folder, depending on where you installed the game this will be something like:
    C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\bin64
  5. Start up the game and load in as a character, and the message at the top of this page should change, with a green tick in the top right corner.
  6. You're good to go, that's it!

Any issues setting this up? Feel free to reach out here so we can fix it.

How does this work?
It emits the MumbleLink data that Guild Wars 2 provides, as well as the data arcDps pumps out, making it available to other applications.
My game info isn't showing in Discord, what gives?
This is a bug I'm trying to fix at the moment, but you can fix it by making sure Discord is opening and running before you start the game.
This seems pretty cool, I'd like to make something with the data!
Sounds great! Check out the docs here →.
Something isn't working? Fix it!
Let me know what the issue is here, and we'll figure it out.
I have an idea for something to add!
Let me know here, and I'll get right on it.
My inventory is cluttered and I need help!
Hey, I made another tool for that! Check out Dedupe-o-tron, and get that inventory squeaky clean. Or try to anyway.